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Release 1.4

This release provides a fix to a longstanding bug (noLava elements with additional classes), callbacks and customizable class names

Download jquery.lavalamp-1.4.js full js with comments and documentation

jquery.lavalamp-1.4.min.js minified js

Release 1.3.5

This release sees a major change to the hover .backLava element, namely, margins and padding are forced to zero. This is to properly support the new includeMargins option.

Download jquery.lavalamp-1.3.5.js full js with comments and documentation

jquery.lavalamp-1.3.5.min.js minified js

Release 1.3.4

Finally out of beta - sorry for the long wait, and thanks for the feedback.

Download jquery.lavalamp-1.3.4.js full js with comments and documentation

jquery.lavalamp-1.3.4.min.js minified js

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past versions

jQuery LavaLamp 1.3.3:

Download jquery.lavalamp.1.3.3.js full js with comments and documentation

jquery.lavalamp.1.3.3-min.js minified js

Download LavaLamp 1.3.3 package includes all test files with full and minified versions

jQuery LavaLamp 1.3.2:

jQuery LavaLamp 1.3.1:

new options:

Important Notes for 1.3.1 update:

jQuery LavaLamp 1.3:

Notes for this version:

jQuery LavaLamp 1.2:

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