LavaLamp - a jQuery animated menu plugin

LavaLamp is a plugin based on Guillermo Rauch and Ganesh Marwaha's previous plugins for mootools and jQuery 1.1.x respectively. Using the Sliding Doors CSS / Javascript technique, LavaLamp allows you to add nifty background hover effects to HTML lists in combination with the Easing library.

New in 1.3.3 requires jQuery 1.3.2

New in 1.3.2

New in 1.3.1

new options:

Important Notes for 1.3.1 update:

New in 1.3

Notes for this version:

1.2 and earlier features include:

Many thanks to everyone who came before me on this project!

LavaLamp Demo Page

Download jquery.lavalamp.1.3.3.js full js with comments and documentation

jquery.lavalamp.1.3.3-min.js minified js

Download LavaLamp 1.3.3 package includes all test files with full and minified versions

Have fun! ~ Jolyon

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